Glass Shop Fronts

Glass Shop front system 

DK Shopfronts offers a high-quality frameless toughened glass shop fronts are extensively used for full display Showrooms, entrances and Offices. DK have designed all glass frameless solutions incorporating today’s requirements for clarity of vision, security and entrance flexibility. With our vast experience in speciality glass, DK can assist in achieving that ‘unique’ look and inclusion of any type of entrance system, be it revolving doors, or automatic entrance systems.

Toughened Glass

Patch Fittings and Floor Springs

DK Shopfronts offers a wide range of high quality patch fittings and Spring closers to provide practicality and security to toughened glass assemblies.

Available in Polished or Satin finish.

Toughened glass OR Tempered glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. Toughened glass is used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations. 12mm Toughened glass is most commonly used for our Frame less glass shopfronts.

  • Scratch Resistant Properties.
  • High Quality Product that is Visually Appealing.
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Strong in Case of Vandalism.
  • Council-Friendly

12mm Toughened glass is most commonly used for our Frame less glass shopfronts.


  • Tempered or laminated safety glass is often used to ensure the safety of the storefront.
  • Aluminum or steel frames are commonly used for glass shop fronts due to their durability, strength, and ability to support the weight of large glass panels.
  • Glass shop fronts typically include one or more doors for entry. These can be swing doors, sliding doors, or automatic sliding doors.
  • The size and layout of the glass shop front will depend on the architectural design and the available space.
  • The framing style can vary from slimline, minimalist profiles to more robust and decorative options.
  • Clear, tinted, or frosted glass options are available, providing different levels of transparency and privacy.
  • Compliance with accessibility standards, such as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, should be considered to ensure the shop front is accessible to all customers.

Features of Glass Shop Front

  • Visibility: Glass shop fronts offer excellent visibility both from the inside and outside. This allows passersby to see your products, displays, and the overall interior of the store, which can attract potential customers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Glass shop fronts provide a modern and clean look that can enhance the overall appearance of your business.
  • Natural Light: Glass allows natural light to enter the store, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This not only saves on energy costs but also creates a pleasant shopping environment.
  • Transparency: The transparency of glass fosters a sense of openness and transparency, which can be appealing to customers and make them feel more comfortable while shopping.
  • Security: While glass is a transparent material, it can be made secure with features such as laminated or tempered glass, robust frames, and modern locking systems to deter break-ins and ensure the safety of your premises.
  • Accessibility: Glass shop fronts can be designed to be ADA-compliant, ensuring that they are accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities.

The glass shopfront framing systems are powder coated to the highest standard, with a range of over 200 polyester powder paint colours available in a gloss, matt or satin finish, to match your individual taste or to suit corporate or brand requirements.