Polycarbonate Shutters

Polycarbonate Shutters System

DK’S Range of Transparent rolling shutters are designed to provide a secure clear view and enable you to advertise your products and store image on display. These Remote control rolling shutters are designed to create an aesthetic transparency throughout the area whereby visibility can be achieved from either side of the premise when the roll up shutters lowered.

The overall design of transparent roller shutters is to have a bright and clear outlook, mostly designed for use in Bank, Shop front, Shopping arcade, Bars, Restaurant, Public Buildings and any other entrance where security with vision through the shutter is required.

Features of Polycarbonate Shutters:

  • One of the key features of polycarbonate shutters is their transparency. They provide a clear view from both inside and outside the building.
  • Despite their transparent nature, polycarbonate shutters are designed to provide security against break-ins and vandalism.
  • Polycarbonate shutters allow natural light to pass through, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and creating a bright and inviting indoor environment.
  • Polycarbonate shutters can be customized in terms of size, shape, and color to match the aesthetics of the building or space they are installed in.
  • Similar to other types of shutters, polycarbonate shutters can be motorized for easy and convenient operation.
  • While not as insulating as solid metal shutters, polycarbonate shutters can still provide a certain degree of thermal insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures.

Specifications of Polycarbonate Shutters:

  • Polycarbonate panels.
  • Typically 3mm to 8mm, depending on security and insulation requirements.
  • Solid, multi-wall, or corrugated polycarbonate panels.
  • Fully transparent, semi-transparent, or tinted options.
  • Aluminum or steel frame and guides.
  • Manual (chain, crank, push-up) or motorized.
  • Locking mechanisms, reinforced bottom bars, security grilles.
  • Multi-wall panels or added insulation materials.
  • Modular design for panel replacement or repair.
  • Integration with other building systems (security alarms, access control).

The Polycarbonate Shutters framing systems are powder coated to the highest standard, with a range of over 200 polyester powder paint colours available in a gloss, matt or satin finish, to match your individual taste or to suit corporate or brand requirements.