Rolling Grills

Rolling Grills System

Light weight high visibility shutters typically fitted to the inside of shop windows where minimum security is required. Tube and link grilles offer 85% visibility and can be manually or electrically operated, available in a range of finishes or colours they offer an ideal security solution where viewing through the shutters is important.

Rolling grills, also known as security grilles or rolling gates, are a type of protective barrier commonly used for storefronts, commercial properties, industrial facilities, and even some residential applications. They provide security while allowing visibility, ventilation, and light ingress.

Features of Rolling Grills:

  • Rolling grills offer a strong physical barrier against break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access.
  • These grills have a pattern of bars or rods that allow visibility from both inside and outside the enclosed area.
  • The open design of rolling grills permits air circulation, making them suitable for areas where ventilation is important.
  • Rolling grills come in various sizes, patterns, and finishes, allowing for customization to match the specific needs and aesthetics of the property.
  • Rolling grills are typically constructed from materials such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.
  • These grills are designed to roll up into a compact coil, which maximizes the available space when the barrier is in the open position.

Specifications of Rolling Grills:

  • Specify the material used for the rolling grill. Common options include steel, aluminum, or even stainless steel, depending on the desired level of security and durability.
  • Determine the construction type, such as solid slats, perforated slats, or grille-style slats.
  • Specify the size and profile of the slats, including their width, thickness, and design (e.g., flat, curved, or insulated).
  • Decide on the method of operation. Rolling grills can be manually operated (chain, crank, or push-up) or motorized (with remote control or key switch).
  • Consider additional security features, such as locking mechanisms, bottom bars, and security grilles, to deter break-ins and unauthorized access.
  • If required, choose rolling grills with fire-rated materials and designs to meet local fire safety regulations.
  • Some rolling grills are designed with sound-absorbing properties to reduce noise transmission.
  • Design the rolling grill to be modular, allowing for easier replacement or repair of individual components.

The Rolling Grills framing systems are powder coated to the highest standard, with a range of over 200 polyester powder paint colours available in a gloss, matt or satin finish, to match your individual taste or to suit corporate or brand requirements.